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{Podcast} What If The Odds Were Stacked Against You?

 Hi Skinnies!

Today on the Podcast I am talking about pursuing your dreams and goals against all odds!

So, every Tuesday I am posting a Podcast as a Two Minute Topic to be motivational for you and possibly even help you with something you may be struggling with.  Its just 2 minutes or less but it is a moment that I hope you take to listen and find a bit of wisdom and hope in.

I started doing this Podcast with this goal in mind to be something that would help someone no matter where they are in life.  I will be adding more days and episodes as I progress but for now, my goal is to provide this every Tuesday as a quick 2 minute topic to encourage and motivate you and I hope you enjoy them.  Give it a listen and I’ll see you next week….until then my Skinnies, keep love you and the skin you are in


Thanks for Listening!

Tassie Small
Lic. Holistic Skin and Wellness Specialist


{Podcast} The Purpose of Hardship

Hi Skinnies!!

Today on the Podcast we are talking about The Purpose of Hardships.  As I share my perspective on how to view hardships, it is my hopes that you will value the moment in order to learn and grow from it.  I know that valuing the moment while in the moment may seem unrealistic but as hinds sight is 20/20 there is always a lesson to learn from it….and grow from it.

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{Podcast} Intro to the Beginning of My Podcast Series

Hi Skinnies!

I am starting a Podcast to help balance out my blog entries. I feel I would like to incorporate a new method of communication with my readers and hopefully it will take off the way I see it in my head (Which is always so vivid). My current podcast series is called Two Minute Topic Tuesday with Tassie and I will be posting a new podcast every Tuesday. I will also start adding to the Podcast but for now I’m good with my every Tuesday post.

Below is the first Podcast that was actually just a test podcast that I decided to just say “forget about being perfect…I’m publishing this podcast!” Which ironically is kinda what my podcast is about and I did’t realize it until just now. It’s not exactly how I want it to be BUT I am starting somewhere and I have embraced the fact that I don’t have to be perfect…at this point I just want to get moving. So, hopefully you will enjoy this Podcast and look forward to tomorrow when I post another 2 Minute Tuesday Podcast. I would LOVE your feedback as well!

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embracing your flaws

Thank you for listening! and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Tassie Small