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Monday Madness Much

Hi Skinnies!

Question: have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to go a “little” crazy when you want to get things done?!

I know I’m not the only one who has experienced moments like this, for example:

1.  The lady at Starbucks giving you straight attitude so much so that you end up talking to a manager because you felt totally disregarded as a customer….too upset to blog

2.  You go to do your work and can’t log on to the Internet…as a matter of fact you can’t even find the icon that shows the networks to log in too!…too frustrated to blog

3. Have a conversation with family members that take a bulk of time and emotion…too wired to blog

4.  Children needing to go somewhere that you promised they could go by a certain time because you knew you would’ve already completed your blog! …too consumed to blog

5.  Get hit with another situation that takes your time, energy, and heart to the point you are…too emotional to blog

Well, my Skinnies TODAY has been that day for me!! I debated posting today due to the multiple situations listed BUT I pressed through it and although THIS is not what I wanted to blog about I figured “why not”, part of me loving me and the skin I am in is being transparent with frustrations, anger, emotions, and resposibilies that may hinder me from progressing.

I’ve had this blog for years and I have consistently been inconsistent with my post.  My inconsistency most of the time was due to situations such as the things mentioned above…it’s called life AND guess what LIFE happens!  But, I made a commitment to not allow myself to fall into the same trap and became determined to accomplish my goal of posting today.  I have not gotten to the point where I have my posts pre written…so I literally blog on the days I have planned (baby steps).  

The point is this:  LIFE HAPPENS and every now and then we have a MONDAY MADNESS moment!  Embrace it BUT don’t let it stop you from accomplishing your goals!  Be BOLD and just keep living life because LIFE AWAITS!  Take the good with the bad and KEEP PRESSING!

Now after writing this post I feel like my Monday Madness has just become my Motivation Monday!! Moving forward in LOVE!  Until next time Skinnies keep loving you and the skin you are in!!

Tassie Small

Lic. Holistic Skin and Wellness Therapist