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This Everyday Vegetable Could GROW Your Hair & Change YOUR Life!

Hi Skinnies!

OMG!  Have I got good news for you!  Today I am getting into something that could change a lot of peoples lives in a good way!  You have something in your KITCHEN -well, most of my remedies can be found in your kitchen…but keep reading ;-)- that may be your answer to growing your hair, regrowing your edges (if that’s an issue), and maintaining a good healthy scalp to continue the growth and care of your hair!!

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How Washing Your Hair Could Be An Unhealthy Habit

Shampooing (1)

Hi Skinnies!

Today I am talking HAIR!  I get asked questions on a regular basis about my hair and to be honest I have run from this topic like you wouldn’t believe!  Don’t get me wrong its not that I have something against it but I believe I should “stay in my lane” and stick to skin only.  Well, after being confronted so often about my hair I had to really analyze WHY I don’t address this topic because the scalp is SKIN and I do know how I maintain my hair and do things to keep it healthy and growing…not to mention I make products for the hair!  So YES I am going to take on talking about hair!

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5 Reasons You Should Start Exfoliating Your Skin Now


Hi Skinnies!

We are rapidly approach that “Summertime Fine” weather!  Warm weather, shorts, tank tops, swim suits, and fun in the sun!!  You may even be in beast mode right now trying to get your body in shape for pool side fun and beach walks, just the thought of these things gets me excited….how about you!?

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{Podcast} The Purpose of Hardship

Hi Skinnies!!

Today on the Podcast we are talking about The Purpose of Hardships.  As I share my perspective on how to view hardships, it is my hopes that you will value the moment in order to learn and grow from it.  I know that valuing the moment while in the moment may seem unrealistic but as hinds sight is 20/20 there is always a lesson to learn from it….and grow from it.

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{Podcast} The Key to Communication

Hi Skinnies!

Today on the podcast I’m discussing The Key to Communication.  There are many ways to communicate but there is one way that is not too effective at all.  Today I am discussing an aspect to communicating and knowing the difference in being heard and being understood.

I hope you enjoy this Podcast and feel free to leave your feedback and thoughts!

Im4- Key to communicate

Thanks for listening! Until next time! Remember to Love U and the SKIN U are in!

Tassie Small
Lic. Holistic Esthetician & Wellness Coach

“SKINNIES are those who love themselves and the skin they are in”

{Podcast} Knowing How to Value Yourself

Knowing to value yourself

Hi Skinnies!

Today on my Podcast I am talking about Knowing How to Value Yourself!  So often we down play the value we bring to the table and this can be based on our own interpretation of ourselves or what someone else has said about us.  The bottom line to this is knowing that you have value not matter what has taken place in your life of how important you feel your contribution is to life in general.  You were created with purpose and NO ONE can take that away from you.  No matter what you have been through in life, it still does not change the fact that you have GREAT VALUE and that VALUE has not changed….as a matter of fact it has increased throughout life experiences!

So, hopefully you  will take 2 minutes to listen to today’s Podcast on Knowing How to Value Yourself.  After listening please let me know if this Podcast is helpful in any way!  Thank You!

Im3- Value yourself

Until Next time!

Tassie Small

{Podcast} Intro to the Beginning of My Podcast Series

Hi Skinnies!

I am starting a Podcast to help balance out my blog entries. I feel I would like to incorporate a new method of communication with my readers and hopefully it will take off the way I see it in my head (Which is always so vivid). My current podcast series is called Two Minute Topic Tuesday with Tassie and I will be posting a new podcast every Tuesday. I will also start adding to the Podcast but for now I’m good with my every Tuesday post.

Below is the first Podcast that was actually just a test podcast that I decided to just say “forget about being perfect…I’m publishing this podcast!” Which ironically is kinda what my podcast is about and I did’t realize it until just now. It’s not exactly how I want it to be BUT I am starting somewhere and I have embraced the fact that I don’t have to be perfect…at this point I just want to get moving. So, hopefully you will enjoy this Podcast and look forward to tomorrow when I post another 2 Minute Tuesday Podcast. I would LOVE your feedback as well!

Do you listen to Podcasts? Do you like blogs as well as podcasts?  Click Image to listen!!


embracing your flaws

Thank you for listening! and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Tassie Small