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I Took A Summer Break!


Did I go MIA again!? Why, Yes, Yes I did.  This is what happens when my life gets flipped, turned upside down.

We are not talking your normal busy busy busy moments in life because it seems to be a non stop continuum for me. I’m talking new vision, new mindset, new directions taking place within me and around me.

I’m going to make this short as I woke up this morning and felt inspired to share this quick post.  I have embarked on a new journey to embrace the one thing that keeps coming up for me the most in my life…HAIR!  Not just any hair but my natural hair!  People consistently ask me questions about what products to use, what do I have for dry hair, style ideas and more and I’ve ran from this for so long because I was so focused on SKIN.

Well life has a way of working itself out and now I’m a Licensed Natural Hair Care Specialist and I’m helping people get their natural hair to a state of growth and manageability.  I’ve been doing natural hair for years just unofficial ( the licensing made all the difference in the world to me) so now I’m discovering more of what I want to share and I’m starting a new venture within the natural hair community.

I will be posting here again as I get back on track because skincare and wellness is my life and I’m always looking for great new content to share.  Although I’ve taken a break…I will return with more content and information, I’m just starting to bring it all together so stay tuned!

Much love



This Oil Just About Saved My LIFE!


Hi Skinnies!

Lately I’ve been having some dental issues :-(.  I realized after having four children each one of them have pulled on the bone density in my teeth and after my fourth child I started experiencing more and more dental issues.  I’ve lost a tooth in the back of my mouth in the upper left side of my mouth and struggled with other oral pains.

When I first started experiencing severe tooth aches about 8 years I quickly found myself at Wholefoods Market because I needed an all natural remedy to help take the pain away and I was confident I would find it there.

I rushed into Wholefoods Whole Body section and grabbed the first employee I saw in that department and asked them if they had ANYTHING to help with tooth aches -because that particular day my tooth was THROBBING terribly!  I was so thankful I asked the right person because they said without hesitation “CLOVE BUD OIL” and took me right to it.  I wasted no time to buy it and before I left the store I went into the bathroom, washed my hands, and immediately applied the Clove Bud Oil!  I was in so much throbbing pain that day that I didn’t care nor give any thought to diluting it!  I needed FULL STRENGTH and quick relief! LOL!

Almost instantly the throbbing calmed down and I knew this was a keeper and yes, I kept it on me at all times!  To this day I highly recommend it…just as I am doing now!

But the awesome part is Clove Bud oil has been used for YEARS in many ways.  I actually like the way explains it:

Although clove bud may not be one of the most well-known essential oils, it is definitely one of the most useful oils to have around the house.

For over 2,000 years, the clove tree has been cultivated for a variety of uses. While native to Indonesia, cloves are used across the world for medicinal and herbal purposes. Cloves play a vital role in Indian Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese medicine, as they have a numbing effect on oral tissue. Additionally, they are used in Asian, African, and Middle Eastern cooking to add flavor to dishes.

The tree itself originates from the Myrtaceae family, but the cloves themselves actually consist of the tree’s aromatic dried flower buds. While the buds, leaves, and twigs of the clove tree have been used for spice, remedy, and aroma, it is the clove bud specifically that is distilled into oil. That’s because all parts of the tree contain eugenol, a powerful phenylpropene, and only the clove bud oil should be used for aromatherapy uses due to its lower eugenol percentage. This antibacterial and stimulating essential oil can be used both externally and internally, but due to its potent nature, clove bud oil should always be diluted before use.


While clove bud oil has many useful properties, it is perhaps best known for its association with dental practices. For a tried and true toothache relief, add a few drops of the oil to a cotton swab before applying topically to the gums for a much needed respite. The oil is also great if you have had any dental work recently done, as it can be used to soothe the condition known as “dry socket,” a postoperative complication of tooth extraction, by numbing the affected area and helping to preventing any further irritation.

Additionally, clove bud can be used to counteract mouth and throat irritation and pain when applied directly to the skin.Thanks to its stimulating and warming properties, clove bud can be used in aromatherapy to aid with digestive problems. By topically applying the diluted oil to your stomach or abdomen, one can warm up and stimulate the digestive tract. Add a drop of clove bud oil to your choice of herbal tea to help relieve nausea. The oil can be further used externally to help alleviate muscular aches and sprains. For respiratory problems, the disinfecting properties of clove bud are most useful when used in vapor therapy. To help relieve muscle aches and pains, including those caused by arthritis, mix eight drops of clove oil into two ounces of carrier oil, such as jojoba or almond, and massage onto the affected area.

Usage Tips & Recipes

Toothache: Add a couple drops to a cotton swab and rub onto toothache or instant relief. This helps kill infection-causing bacteria.

Digestive Aid: Add a drop to herbal tea to help relieve nausea.

Muscle Ache: Mix eight drops of clove oil in two ounces of carrier oil (try jojoba or almond) and massage onto affected area.

Under Eye Puffiness: Add one drop to your eye cream and apply sparingly in the morning. Clove bud oil promotes blood circulation, helping to reduce the puffiness.

I use Clove bud oil in my products as well!  I make an extremely hydrating moisturizer with clove bud oil in it as well as a healing body balm (new product) that is quickly becoming a hit with those who have tried it!

Clove Bud Oil is honestly a great oil that I am using even right now due to some other dental issues that have popped up and it continues to hold up as quick numbing and pain relieving agent for me and lastly I LOVE the way it smells which is for sure a huge PLUS for me.

I hope you give Clove Bud Oil a try and discover the wonderful benefits it has to offer.  It could change your life!  Have you ever tried Clove Bud Oil and if you have I would LOVE to know your thoughts or even ways you have used it before!

I Love to hear from you!  So feel free to share your thoughts!

Until next time…keep loving you and the skin you are in!

Tassie Small
Lic. Holistic Skin & Wellness Therapist


Random but Helpful:

I thought I would also share with you all a company that is not health related but I learned about this company when I needed to get some printing work done.  I just thought this would be helpful for anyone looking to save money on business cards, flyers, post cards, etc.  I always need things printed and so if you are like me please check out  The prices are VERY reasonable!  I have an order coming so I can tell you more later but I think if you need any print work done…give them a try!

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Why You Should Be Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling

Hi Skinnies!

I’m just starting out with the simple and plain truth…Oil Pulling can change your LIFE!!

I have been oil pulling on and off for some years now and I have found that EVERY TIME I consistently oil pull I feel good AND my overall health and well being is heightened. How so? I’m sure you may be wondering…that’s fair.   Continue reading Why You Should Be Oil Pulling

The Benefits of Ginger Chai Tea


Hi Skinnies!

To be honest I have never been a fan of Chai Tea.  I personally think is tastes like drinking liquid cinnamon….A LOT of liquid cinnamon!  Don’t get me wrong, I actually like cinnamon but not to the degree I think it comes across in Chai Tea though.  The other issue is perhaps I have not had the right Chai Tea.  One time Continue reading The Benefits of Ginger Chai Tea

A Possible Solution To Stretch Marks


Hi Skinnies!

I’m sure many women can relate to today’s post!  Stretch marks can be one of the most embarrassing things on a women’s body and the cause of many self conscious issues.  Well, today I will share a possible solution that could turn a sour frown up side down!!  LEMONS!!! (Did you see what I did there) I crack myself up sometimes!  But seriously LEMONS may be the answer! Yes! LEMONS again!  Who knew LEMONS had so many wonderful benefits!  Just in case you are wondering…here is my other post about LEMONS: CLICK HERE

So, in reference to lemons and stretch marks expert Dr. James Dudley explains:

Stretch marks appear when the connective tissue in the dermis (middle layer of skin) gets stretched beyond its normal limits due to rapid expansion or contraction of the skin through a variety of factors, like, abrupt weight gain or weight reduction, use of certain drugs, pregnancy, etc. Stretching results in collagen production getting disrupted and when these weakened collagen fibers fail to align properly fine scars appear under the top layer of the skin.

One of the best natural remedies for stretch marks is Lemon juice. Lemon contains loads of Vitamin C, fatty acids and citric acid that aids in removing dead skin cells and helps heal and reduce stretch marks, skin injuries, acne, and scars. Though acidic, lemon contains enough moisture to help hydrate the skin. It is also a good bleaching agent and exfoliant, known for its anti-bacterial properties relieving skin related eruptions.

Cut a lemon in half and gently rub the cut-end part over the stretch marks. Squeeze the lemon slightly to release the juice onto the stretch marks, and apply it using a circular motion. Let the lemon juice sit on your skin for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. Apply this two times a day for at least 30 days to see them either vanish or lighten up drastically.

I’ve had four children and I am very familiar with the effects that stretch marks have on our bodies!  To find a solution as simple as this could be a life changer!  Keep in mind that it also depends on the severity of your stretch marks.  It may take a little longer to heal if you have a more severe case but with all things natural, you have to be patient and consistent. Be encouraged and GO GET SOME LEMONS!!

So, Skinnies give it a try and share with me your experience!!  Until next time! 

Keep loving you and the skin you are in!

Tassie Small

Lic. Holistic Skin & Wellness Therapist

Top Three Reasons Basil Seeds Should Be Added To Your Lifestyle!

Basil Seed Graphic

Hi Skinnies!

I’m not sure how many of you have ever even heard of Basil Seeds, but it would be my pleasure to introduce you to an amazing health powerhouse that you will be glad to know more about! Continue reading Top Three Reasons Basil Seeds Should Be Added To Your Lifestyle!

Wholefoods Meets Costco?

Hi Skinnies!

Today I want to talk about a company I have come across that I personally think the concept is a bit of a marvel…to say the least.  Its a company that is socially conscious and falls right in line with the things I believe!  I am a frequent shopper of stores such as Trader Joe’s and Wholefoods, I go there pretty much weekly!  I used to live three minutes from a Wholefoods and my skin care practice was just a minute away and so I was there literally EVERYDAY!

Continue reading Wholefoods Meets Costco?