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{Podcast} Knowing How to Value Yourself

Knowing to value yourself

Hi Skinnies!

Today on my Podcast I am talking about Knowing How to Value Yourself!  So often we down play the value we bring to the table and this can be based on our own interpretation of ourselves or what someone else has said about us.  The bottom line to this is knowing that you have value not matter what has taken place in your life of how important you feel your contribution is to life in general.  You were created with purpose and NO ONE can take that away from you.  No matter what you have been through in life, it still does not change the fact that you have GREAT VALUE and that VALUE has not changed….as a matter of fact it has increased throughout life experiences!

So, hopefully you  will take 2 minutes to listen to today’s Podcast on Knowing How to Value Yourself.  After listening please let me know if this Podcast is helpful in any way!  Thank You!

Im3- Value yourself

Until Next time!

Tassie Small