I Took A Summer Break!


Did I go MIA again!? Why, Yes, Yes I did.  This is what happens when my life gets flipped, turned upside down.

We are not talking your normal busy busy busy moments in life because it seems to be a non stop continuum for me. I’m talking new vision, new mindset, new directions taking place within me and around me.

I’m going to make this short as I woke up this morning and felt inspired to share this quick post.  I have embarked on a new journey to embrace the one thing that keeps coming up for me the most in my life…HAIR!  Not just any hair but my natural hair!  People consistently ask me questions about what products to use, what do I have for dry hair, style ideas and more and I’ve ran from this for so long because I was so focused on SKIN.

Well life has a way of working itself out and now I’m a Licensed Natural Hair Care Specialist and I’m helping people get their natural hair to a state of growth and manageability.  I’ve been doing natural hair for years just unofficial ( the licensing made all the difference in the world to me) so now I’m discovering more of what I want to share and I’m starting a new venture within the natural hair community.

I will be posting here again as I get back on track because skincare and wellness is my life and I’m always looking for great new content to share.  Although I’ve taken a break…I will return with more content and information, I’m just starting to bring it all together so stay tuned!

Much love



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