{Featured Friday} Naturally Me Natural Hair Custom Made Dolls

Naturally Me Featured image

Hi Skinnies!

Today I want to share with you a company that is pretty inspirational and has totally embraced the meaning of Loving U and the Skin U Are In!

I came across this company that creates custom dolls of women of color and natural hair!  So THIS my Skinnies is natural hair related! 😉  Let me start off with saying how I love my natural hair!  I love the versatility of it and I even love how complicated it can become with all its varying textures at any given time!  What caught my attention the most about these dolls is not only are they gorgeous but they represent all the versatility our hair offers!

I know my audience is diverse so that is one reason why I wanted to share the story of this particular company because it gives everyone an opportunity to see how embracing who you are and loving the skin you are in can literally change your life!  This goes beyond skin color but rather embodies the possibility of taking chances, seeing a need, and being a solution to that need.

Clarissa Lewis saw a need and she filled it!  Here Clarissa explains her journey to creating such unique dolls

Afro Doll

As a child growing up in a predominantly white community, I often struggled with self love and acceptance. I desired to “fit in” which did not always feel easy to me.  Through the guidance of my parents who always kept us well balanced with the knowledge of our culture, I grew to love and accept my natural beauty. This grew exponentially when I attended the HBCU in Atlanta GA, Spelman College.

Later in life, I began a career in Natural Hair Care and realized how important it is for young ladies to consume images of natural beauty on a daily basis. I often experienced little girls who were discouraged to embrace their naturally kinky hair by getting it constantly blown straight. All of these experiences led to the creation of Naturally Me Dolls.

I am the mother of two daughters 7 and 3. When looking in stores for dolls of color, it is clear that we are under represented. IF there are any dolls of color in the isles at all, they most definitely do not embrace the versatility and beauty that most little girls and many women wear day to day. There is something about seeing a doll that REALLY looks like you, not a watered down version of a brown doll that MAY have curly hair at the most. This is why I do what I do and it is very exciting to sees the positive response to my dolls.

Realistically, this is common within our community but as I said earlier Clarissa’s story also embodies the power of embracing who you are and loving the skin U are in.  She took her experience and created something beautiful!

We all have a path we must take and most paths take courage, boldness, and determination whether its about, health and wellness, skin care, hair care, or life changes.  Stay on your path because you never know where it may lead you!

So Skinnies, if you want to learn more about these NaturallyMe Dolls please check out Clarissa’s shop and Facebook page. Reach out to her and feel free to support!  Links to her are below and let her know you found out about her through The Skinny on Skin 101!!!


As I come across various companies I will now start to share them on Fridays under Featured Friday so stay tuned for more amazing new topics and content that I think need to be featured!!

Do you know of a company, organization, or product I should feature that embodies what we are about?

Let me know!! Please Share, Comment, and Like!  I love to hear from you :-)!!

Until next time Skinnies, keep loving U and the Skin U are in!

Tassie Small
Lic. Holistic Skin and Wellness Therapist


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