Wash Day Tips to Maintain Healthy Natural Hair

Hi Skinnies!

As I mentioned on Monday’s Blog.  I wanted to share with you my Wash Day Tips that I have adopted and found works very well for me.

As, I mentioned in the blog, I do not use shampoo on my hair anymore.  If I do decide to use shampoo it, of course, is VERY mild and I would only use it once per month or once every two months and this is just in case I notice any build up.  I sometimes use a glycerin soap bar to wash my hair as well.

So here goes:

I section my hair in fourths and two strand twist them.  Then I do a pre shampoo with coconut oil for at least an hour or under a hooded blow dryer for 15-20 minutes.

I wash my hair in 4 sections detangling with my fingers or wide tooth comb while I shampoo with a cowash (conditioning shampoo), making sure to keep my hair in the 4 sections. Example: untwist one section, shampoo/detangle, rinse, retwist.

Deep condition with an all natural conditioner either under a hooded blow dryer or covered with a cap for 1 hour

Rinse by sections

I then moisturizer with my coconut oil blend while my hair is still wet.


I would normally lightly blow dry my hair on medium heat just to keep my curls loose and then I would two strand twist my hair.  If I want to style my hair a certain way that is more straight then I would blow dry it to my desired texture.  I apply my coconut oil mixture to my hair for blow drying.  It does great with protecting my hair and it doesn’t weight my hair down at all.  I like my hair light and fluffy.

As you can see I am not afraid of heat on my hair…I just use it wisely and only once or twice per month.  Protecting your hair with nutrient rich oils such as coconut, castor oil, tamanu oil and avocado oil also help retain and lock in moisture.

This is a method that I have found works for me and I’ve seen great results from it with my hair as well as my children’s hair. Below are my younger two daughters after having their hair washed and lightly blow dryed using the above method.

What are some of your wash day tips that help to maintain your healthy hair?

So my Skinnies..keep loving you and the skin you are in and I hope you enjoyed my wash day tips!

Until next time!  That’s the Skinny on Skin!

Tassie Small

Lic. Holistic Skin & Wellness Specialist

Skinnies are people who LOVE themselves and the SKIN they are IN


5 thoughts on “Wash Day Tips to Maintain Healthy Natural Hair”

  1. Thank you, Tassie! I really appreciate you sharing your blog with me on healthy hair. It was very informative and not complicating. Your hair is so beautiful, thick, and healthy. I will definitely it!! Sandra Goff

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOU Aunt Sandra! I appreciate you reading my blog! I’m working hard to see how long it can grow! This method seems to work so well for me and I hope you do try it! xoxoxo


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