5 Reasons You Should Start Exfoliating Your Skin Now


Hi Skinnies!

We are rapidly approach that “Summertime Fine” weather!  Warm weather, shorts, tank tops, swim suits, and fun in the sun!!  You may even be in beast mode right now trying to get your body in shape for pool side fun and beach walks, just the thought of these things gets me excited….how about you!?

Now with all this excitement in place let’s focus on one key element that brings out your “Summertime Fine” and that my Skinnies is your SKIN!  We all know we like to expose a little more skin in warmer weather but here are 5 reasons you should exfoliate before you do!

1.  Your skin needs to breathe

During cooler months we tend to cover up and make sure very little skin is exposed.  We also apply heavier moisturizers during this time to keep the skin from feeling dry and “cracky”.  Depending on the type of moisturizer you use you could be causing the pores to be a bit more blocked than usual.  Exfoliating allows the skin to breathe and rejuvenates the skin cells.

2.  Say good bye to dull lifeless skin

If you get out the shower and after drying your skin you start to notice how dry your skin is, or it my have a dull greyish look to it, this is a sign of dead skin that needs to be sloughed off in order to reveal new glowing skin.  Exfoliating bring new life to the skin by removing old dead skin and helping the cells regenerate new ones. This also increases the cell turnover rate to ensure less sagging and wrinkly skin.

3. Soft as a new born babies bottom

New born skin is naturally so soft and supple and it would be nice to have that kind of skin even as a full grown adult….and you can!  Exfoliating with a good sugar scrub that includes oils such as coconut oil, avocado oil, kukui nut oil, and sweet almond oil helps to soften the skin and while you are exfoliating with the sugar the oils are penetrating the skin cell and hydrating them. A sugar scrub softens and hydrates bringing out that baby soft skin we all want!

4. Glow baby glow

Who doesn’t like to look in the mirror or at a picture of themselves and notice how your skin has this nice glow to it! Well with a good salt scrub THE GLOW is oh so possible!  Using a salt scrub has the same benefits as a sugar scrub with the ability to bring about a natural glow to the skin.  Another benefit to a salt scrub for oily skin is that it helps to reduce and balance oil production as well.

5. Tighten up

Now with all the hard work you are putting in at the gym in beast mode working out, shedding pounds, and flexin in the mirrors (you know you do) the last thing you want is flabby skin!  So let’s tighten up by exfoliating with….wait for it….a coffee sugar scrub!  Yes!  Coffee sugar scrub is a deal breaker life changer when it comes to tightening up the skin.  The caffeine found in coffee helps to reduce fatty cells by dehydrating them and this help to decrease the appearance of cellulite. Exfoliating with a good coffee scrub helps to smooth out the skin.

How to exfoliate:

First let’s be clear, we are talking about exfoliating the body and not the face.  I am not an advocate for using sugar scrub on the face.  This exfoliating is for hands and body.

There are two ways to effectively exfoliate.

1. Right before you get into the shower. While the skin is dry take time to massage the scrub into the skin.  It’s not about pressure but time. Take time to massage in circular motions with very light pressure.  Then hop into the shower BUT be careful because the shower floor will become slippery…so let’s not hop but rather step into the shower and rinse the scrub away.  Proceed to clean your body as usual BUT hopefully with an all natural soap.

2.  Exfoliate while in the shower.  After you have fully moistened your body, take the scrub and massage it into the skin.  Try to step away from the stream of water while doing this.  Also with this method you want to be sure not to get a lot of water into the scrub because this will cause the oils to go rancid and bacteria can rapidly form (just fyi). Once you’re done massaging the scrub into your skin, rinse and wash.

Start this process NOW before you start to reveal all that skin.  If you’re going to show it show it well! Exfoliate at least once per week but if you are new to exfoliating start with twice per week (ie Monday and Thursday)

Exfoliating also maintains the Health of your SKIN!

Need somewhere to start your “Summertime Fine” exfoliating routine?  Check out my website for body scrub options:

What is your favorite way to exfoliate?

Don’t wait exfoliate! Now that’s the Skinny on Skin!

Tassie Small
Lic. Holistic Skin and Wellness Specialist

Skinnies are people who love themselves and the skin they are in!


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