Monday Mindset – Skincare Spectrum

Hi Skinnies!

Have you ever thought about why you do or do not maintain a skincare regiment?

I mean take a moment and really think,

Do I care to wash my face before I go to bed?

Do I care about whether or not I exfoliate my skin?

Do I care about my water or food intake and how it effects my skin?

Do I ever think about applying a mask to my skin at least once per week?

Do I think about scheduling a facial for a deep cleanse and exfoliation treatment to jump start my skin care routine?

Do I use products on my skin that I have read and understand the ingredients?

I can go on but the point is … Skincare starts in the mind first.

When you look in the mirror do you make an intentional effort to examine your skin?  Not just your face and not just your physical body but your skin.  Do you take a minute to see if it’s looking healthy, have even skin tone, notice any blotchiness, dry patches, sagging, discoloration, and so on.  These observations are not just for vanity but the intention behind them is: Self Care.

Now of course there are two ends of the spectrum (there always is).  One end of the spectrum where you pay tooooo much attention to yourself and find that you have an obsession with botox, chemical peels, plastic surgery, using every new product that is on trend, and so on.  The other end of the spectrum is where you’re lucky if you shower or even wipe your face daily.  But I’m talking to the people somewhere in the middle where you are trying to navigate through the cosmetic/self care borderline.

Yes you are worth it and yes your skin is worth it but it starts in the mind first. That’s why I desire to help people…the people in the middle of the spectrum.  I want to help people love themselves and the skin they are in…that is what the Skinny on Skin 101 is all about my Skinnies helping you navigate the world of self care holistically -Mind Body and Soul.

I feel before I can clearly expound on skincare and benefits I must take time to address the whole person, that’s why I’m doing my Podcast and my blog.  I’m here to help.

How about you….where do you see yourself on this spectrum? Over consumed – Under consumed – trying to navigate

I would love your feedback!  Until nex time my Skinnies!

That’s the Skinny on Skin!

Tassie Small

Lic. Holistic Esthetician

“SKINNIES are those who love themselves and the skin they are in”


2 thoughts on “Monday Mindset – Skincare Spectrum”

  1. Hee Hee. When I saw you addressed it to skinnies, I thought maybe I shouldn’t read it because I am far from a skinny! But you did a good job explaining it! I enjoyed your blog and your title: The Skinny on Skin 101.
    Good job.


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