Hi Skinnies!

Happy Monday!  I’ve decided to participate in yet another blog challenge.  Although it may sound a bit BLAH I am not facing it with that sort of thought.  It’s just that I have tried many times to challenge myself to blog as I am supposed to – well in my own head because no one is really telling what I’m “supposed to do” with my blog- I just desire to remain consistent with keeping content well…..consistent.  The one thing I find is my biggest challenge beyond content is time.  Although these blogging challenges do help with content.

But I’m not starting over, going back to the beginning, or acting as if this blog is brand new because honestly I like my blog and I like the direction that I’m going to be taking it – again, this is all in my head for now- but I am going somewhere with this.

By participating in Blogging 101 I’m taking myself on a new journey by including prompts from the community and twisting it into what I am all about here on The Skinny on Skin 101.  So for new people and old “Skinnies” who read this let me tell why my blog got a facelift recently.

Ya see, I started blogging because I wanted to share my voice with the world. I started this blog because I wanted to talk about skin and hopefully shed some light for those with an interest in maintaining or developing healthy skin.  I ran into a roadblock once I realized that at some point my content for skin care would hit a dry wall as I realized although there is much to talk about with skin care I had yet to figure out what all I wanted to share without constantly recycling the SAME information over and over again because guess what the information on how to maintain healthy skin rarely changes.  Yeah, so I’m going to just share “me” and provide information as I see fit and see what sticks. So with new thoughts in mind I needed a new look!

I could go on but for now I’ll just say…why I am TASSIE. Well, my name for one is Tassie (pronounced Tay-See) but I created a new term or acronym if ya will to my name meaning: I Am Triumphantly Achieving Sustainable Success In Entrepreneurship….I Am TASSIE. Oh the places we will go with all this newness!

More to come…stay tuned! Hello world and welcome my blogging 101 peers!  I hope you enjoy what I share!

There is for sure more to come on the skinny on skin 101! SUBSCRIBE! Please and Thank you!

Much Love Skinnies until next time…Be comfortable in the skin you are in!

Did you see what I did there…yup I changed it up (see my previous blogs to understand my closing line) 😉

T. Small

“Skinnies are people who are comfortable in the skin they are in” that’s just the way I see! HA! Thanks for reading!


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