Day 1 of 365


Hi Skinnies!

I’ve been contemplating for months now how to bring life back into this blog. I’ve wrestled with the thought of what direction to take The Skinny on Skin 101. I’ve jumped from thoughts of making more videos on “How To” projects, on going beyond the skin and going deeper into topics helping people within their own skin, and to just stopping this blog and starting over. The end result is this… I’m going to take it day by day and at the moment the light bulb comes on and one of the ideas I present on this blog yield the results I’m looking for then I’ll know what direction this blog is supposed to go in.

Stick with me though because today is day 1 of 365 days so let the journey begin. Here are some of the results I desire though within this journey:

Feedback – I want to hear from the people who read my blog

Sharing- if I write/make a video of something that resonates/helps you, please share

Likes- if you like a blog feel free to hit the like button

Comments- leaving a comment on a post is helpful and engaging

Questions- asking questions that I can possibly use to create MORE posts because I am giving you what you desire to see from my perspective

These results will help me to determine where this blog goes and it is important to me to have engagement with the people who are reading my blog. So, please don’t be a ghost follower, engage and I’ll engage back and we can really make this a beautiful relationship!

Blogging is fun when you have an idea of the people you are talking to….lets engage and see where this all goes!

Day 1 of 365….HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Much love!

T. Small


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