A Night Time Skin Care Tip for Hydrated Skin!


Hi Skinnies!

This post for today is SUPER late due to all the busy-ness of my day and trying to stay on top of things. I did not have a chance to post today’s blog.  So, as I was thinking about what to share and because it is so late I decided to give a real quick night time skin care tip!

Since we are in a changing of season right now our skin is also experiencing some changes.  Some people may be feeling the pull of moisture leaving their skin as if the air was a moisture vacuum sucking every bit of water and oil that it can from it.  Which is pretty common at this time, so what can you do?

Important Tip:

Do NOT neglect your skin at night!  Clean away all the dirt and debris from the day before you go to sleep and if you have a serum AND a moisturizer, use them BOTH at night.  Your skin regenerates new cells at night and when the air is dry and is pulling moisture from your cells it makes it harder for the new cells to regenerate in a more healthy way because it also needs that water.  So moisturizing with a serum and moisturizer at night (the layered effect) will help the skin to stay hydrated throughout the night.

Drink water right before bed as well after you have cleansed and moisturized your skin because it helps with the internal cleansing and hydration of the cells.

That’s all I got for you tonight my Skinnies…MOISTURIZE, SERUM, HYDRATE!  Good Night!

T. Small



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