Creating A New Brand…Introducing PURE OILS


Hi Skinnies!!

Today brings me great pleasure because I’m going to talk about something that I hope everyone who reads this understands the wonderful benefits of wearing fragrance oils but not just any oils…designer fragrance oils (Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors, Chanel, Dior, Dolce & Gabanna, etc.)!

It all started years ago for me. I have always been conscious of smells and scents. I think it started from when I was going through an awkward and somewhat embarrassing time in my life. I went through a “funk” phase. A time where deodorant wasn’t my friend because nothing would stop the under arm odor and I didn’t wear any real fragrances or lotions with fragrances, so needless to say (and embarrassing too) I experienced some not so pleasant teasing. I’m happy it didn’t last long though and plus I was young and at the time hadn’t really connected with a feminine side of beauty. Today I can say I’m thankful for the teasing because it awakened the awareness that I needed in order to make necessary changes. So I became OBSESSED with scents and fragrances. I spent lots of time in stores (drug stores mainly) smelling all the fragrances to see what I liked the most. It became s bit overwhelming but I was determined to find fragrances that I liked. My very first fragrance love was Jovan Musk! I realized I was attracted to musk scents early on. I wore that fragrance ALL THE TIME! I would receive compliments and it was nice.

I would search through my moms fragrances and try hers out as well. I started to become familiar with designer fragrances and would ask people what they were wearing if I liked it just so I could go and try that one also.

This went on for some time until I got introduced to a body oil called Egyptian Musk!! OMGosh!!! I fell in love with that fragrance and that was all I wanted to wear. Body oils were new to me so I didn’t understand how concentrated they were so needless to say I would use a bit too much and would always leave a trail (a nice smelling one BUT still too much). It wasn’t until a neighbor of mine told me how to best wear the oils did I realize how strong they were.

You see one of the greatest benefits of wearing fragrance oils is the concentration of the actual fragrance! Fragrance oils are not like perfume sprays that have been diluted with a perfumers blend of alcohol which weakens the fragrance along with other additives that could cause other reactions. One of the reasons I stopped wearing perfume sprays is because I actually had a reaction that affected my immune system after going back to wearing perfume sprays which caused me to realize there is a big difference in oils over perfume sprays. So I began wearing oils only and have never again experienced such reactions. I’ve been wearing nothing but body oils for over 20 years.

Fast forward to today, I’ve had many oils from many places and I’ve come to understand the science of fragrances and fragrance oils. Not all oils are created equal many distributors tend to take the oils and cut it with another chemical oil that causes it to stretch the oil but also reduces the strength of the fragrances. I’m connected with manufacturers who can provide me the fragrance oils in a more pure state. I’ve been dealing with these companies for over 18years and I’ve now partnered with them to create my own private line of designer type and non designer fragrance oils called PURE OILS.

My brand Pure Oils is something that I am proud of and have a new mission of educating people on the wonderful benefits of wearing some the their favorite fragrances in pure oil form. They are skin safe and a great choice for the body in general. They last longer and you don’t have to wear much in order to scent the skin.

I post a lot on my Twitter (@naturalchick101) Instagram (@naturalchicksboutique) and Facebook (naturalchick oils) page so hopefully you will follow me on these social networks as well ;-). If you would like to try the oils you can buy them on eBay at Pure Oils by Natural Chick
on Square Market at Natural Chicks Boutique and on Etsy at Tacia Essentials.

Feel free to check me out and give Pure Oils a try! So, my Skinnies have any of you ever used fragrance oils (designer or non designer) before if so please let me know and I you have any questions, comments, or concerns let me know them as well.

Thanks Skinnies and that is the Skinny on Skin for today!


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