Great Day to Start Something New

Hi Skinnies!

Today is Sunday and it happens to also be Daylight savings time where we go back an hour. Many view it as a time to get more rest (catching up on that “extra” hour) which to a degree is true so Happy Daylight Savings to everyone and use the extra hour wisely!

With today being Sunday I want to motivate you to start something new before Monday. I like to look at Monday as the opportunity to start something new every week. So take today to think of what would you want to start new this week.

This could be a great week to start a new skin care routine. If you have never tried the oil cleansing method I highly recommend it.

You can start with sweet almond oil or coconut oil. Use these oils as cleansers the way you would usually cleanse your skin. The key is to take a little more time massaging the oil into your skin. You may think that goes against everything you know about applying oil to your skin but you are using the right oils that are nourishing and not clogging.

You would want to next take a hot as you can stand it wet cloth and then wipe the oils away in circular motion in order to stimulate the skin cells. Repeat this process.

Afterwards see how your skin feels and you may find that you don’t need to apply moisturizer (I would be extra mindful of the type of moisturizer you use though, nothing with mineral oil or petroleum products)

Take this week coming up to try something new! Try oil cleansing for a week morning and night. Monday would be a great day to start…prepare today!

That my Skinnies is the Skinny on Skin for today!!


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