Your Nutrition and Your Skin


Hi Skinnies!!

I like to keep things short and sweet, sometimes 🙂 so here it is.  What you eat GREATLY affects your skin MORE than what you are putting on your skin!

It is amazing to me the number of people who do not believe what they eat affects the way their skin looks and feels, but its not just the food, it’s the level of water intake, it’s the medications you may be on, and the kinds of other fluids you consume.

Your face can also tell you what organs are being irritated by the food you are eating.  For example chin breakouts are stomach irritations, under the eyes relate to kidneys, around the forehead has to do with the bladder & digestion, and in between the eyes has to do with the liver. This I based on Chinese Face Mapping that I find very helpful in determining what’s a possible solution to my clients skin whoas because ultimately, when it comes to the body, it is ALL related.

So, watch the foods you eat and if you start experiencing break outs, consider the food and the parts of the body that may be affected.

That’s the Skinny on Skin 101!

Tassie “Natural Chick” Small
YOUR Holistic Skincare Therapist


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