Make It Happen Monday

Hey Skinnies!

I just posted a video that is the start of my recommitment to making videos on a regular basis!  I will be posting videos every Monday and Thursday about holistic living.  I am committed to Coaching, Treating, Teaching and Speaking and you will see this in my videos to come.  I will post some here on my blog but if you would like you can also subscribe to my YouTube channel which is Feel free to check it out and I will see you in my next post.

My next goal is to set my blogging schedule so that I am as consistent with blogging as well.  For now I will be posting blogs and vlogs on  The Skinny On Skin 101 to make it a well rounded tool for you.

Thanks for sticking around and feel free to share your thoughts with me.

That is all for the skinny on skin for now!  See you in my next post Skinnies!

Tassie Small, Lic. Holistic Skin Care Specialist


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