The Key to Good Exfoliation…time

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Hi Skinnies!

Just a quick word about exfoliation!  First off exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the skin in order to regenerate healthy skin cells.  So when you think of exfoliation you may think you have to really rub and scrub BUT this is not true my lovely skinnies! 🙂

Normally, when I do a facial at my office and its time to exfoliate, I for one, like to use enzyme exfoliants and not really grainy ones.  When I apply the exfoliant I like to really work it into the skin and not with a lot of pressure but by taking my time because its loosening the dead cells and afterwards reveals glowing new cells.

So, when at home you want to take your time with exfoliating. No matter what method of exfoliant you use, enzyme, grainy, or beads, just take your time and really massage the skin with mild pressure.  You don’t want to irritate the skin and cause all kinds of other issues.

Need a quick exfoliation idea…well, here is a tip:

Try mixing a small amount of baking soda with olive oil

To be more technical:

1 tsp baking soda

1tsp olive oil

massage it in with mild pressure for about 3-5 minutes

Rinse away completely and then apply toner and moisturizer.

Your skin should feel soft, hydrated, and refreshed

There ya have it my Skinnies…. the Skinny On Skin 101!!

Tassie Small a.ka. NaturalChick
Your Licensed Holistic Skin Care Coach


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