The Start of Something New!!


Hey Skinnies!

Yes, I did just say Skinnies! Allow me to define Skinnies for you.  In my book Skinnies are defined as people who see themselves beyond where they are, as lean, clean, slender, holistic, healthy machines! So me calling you a skinny is a compliment.  Whether you’re skinny now or plan to be skinny later, you are a “Skinny”. And I’m not talking skin and bones skinny. I’m talking slender, sleek, healthy.  Someone with glowing skin, a glowing attitude, and a glowing spirit. By becoming part of this community, The Skinny on Skin 101, you are embracing that “inner you” not just the outer, because holistically we’re going to help you develop the inner you, as well as the outer you.

The Skinny on Skin 101 is not just about skin but is about the holistic view of a complete person; your lifestyle, your spirit, your skin, your mind, and your body.

Lets face it, deep inside we all want to be skinny! I kind of envision the image of the kitten looking into the mirror at himself and seeing a lion! So, with that I say “Welcome my Skinnies” to The Skinny on Skin 101. I look forward to sharing so much with you all. This is the START OF SOMETHING NEW so Subscribe and stay connected!

Your Licensed Holistic Skin Care Coach!



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