10 Skin Care Myths Series

Hi guys!!

So, I started doing an impromptu video series on Instagram almost a month ago titled Skin Care Myths. I did a 15 second video stating the myth and then giving my view on it. Well, I had the idea to carry the conversation over to my blog so that I can expound on these myths just a little bit more.

In the next posts to follow I will be doing just that posting the video and then giving a little more in depth explanation on the topic. BTW, it was my goal from the beginning to make these videos informative BUT entertaining… So hopefully they’ll help you as we’ll as put a smile on your face :).

I would love to hear your thoughts or questions throughout this 10 part series so feel free to leave a comment. I am also always looking for ideas for more videos and posts as well so feel free to jump in and let me help you however I can.

Now, let’s have some fun with…Skin Care Myths!


See you in the next post!!

YOUR licensed Holistic Esthetician,

Tassie Small


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