Time Flies and Other Updates

tassie picWell, how are you doing!!?? I really “hate” when this happens…that awkward LONG pause in between blog posts that make people wonder what on earth happened!

Well, without getting all into details and giving some LONG drawn out explanation, lets just say the obvious, I got really busy and well I was drawing blanks on what to write about! Although, I can honestly there is so much that can be written about when it comes to my profession and the topic of skin care, the myths, the inconsistencies on information, the unique NEW natural findings of skin care, and so on and so on.

So, where can I start or continue? Well, I will be making a few minor adjustments to The Skinny On Skin 101, I am going to add more videos because it seems that I can sometimes talk things out as well as show you things rather than actually typing it out. So, please stay tuned for the VIDEOS to come. I will also start doing some training so I am sure my time will be wrapped up in that but we will see how it all goes.

Now, to stop babbling and give you The Skinny On Skin 101 for the SUMMER (which I am so glad it finally decided to show up and join the party)

The Oldie BUT Goodie: Protect your skin with SPF. Although, I will say that a little sun is still very good for you but please be wise in the way you spend your time in the sun. UVA and UVB rays are real and they can greatly affect you later in life if not now…the painful sun burn we ALL have experienced no matter what the color of your skin is :).

So if you are looking for a facial sunblock Alba Botanica has a facial spf that I have recommended to clients

Alba Botanica

As a matter of fact why not just use one of the Alba Botanica sunblock for the whole body. Their products are all natural and found to be pretty safe.

So, there you have it my friends…The Skinny On Skin 101! Until next time, Much Love!

Tassie Small


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