The Battle of the Oil… Good versus Bad

olive oil

This may go against a lot of things people believe but I tell you the truth, if you have oily skin STOP avoiding oil! I know that seems a bit odd but it’s the truth. Now, let me get to the specifics. There is a chemical concept I am a big fan of and it is simply Oil dissolves Oil! But, not just any oil, this is the reason why most people with oily skin stay away from oil. My oily skin friends have encountered products that contain oils that block and clog the pores namely mineral oil. There are many products out there that contain mineral oil and contrary to popular belief this is NO BUENO! This oil does not dissolve oil in the pores this oil gets into the pores and it sits there. That is why some people say use VASELINE because it helps to moisturize their skin but in actually it blocks moisture from getting in and blocks the pores thus practically suffocating your cells.

Using mineral oil is lack having an unwelcome guest in your home. They might have been welcomed in but when you want them to go its like you just can’t get rid of them. Well, ummmm, yeah mineral is the unwelcome guest and when your body needs to get rid of toxins and BREATH it doesn’t know how to get rid of the mineral oil and so it just sits there and becomes an indigestible toxin to the body. Thus, causing more damage later.

Now, lets discuss the GOOD STUFF, the oil that is good to use even for my oily friends :). First on the list is OLIVE OIL, this oil is closest to our natural sebum/oil and so once it is introduced to the body it is easily digested, nutrients and all, and get this…it balances out the oil production thus dissolving any excess oil and helping the body maintain natural oil production, besides the fact it is high in antioxidants such as Vitamin A and E.

Then there is sweet almond oil which also mimics the skins natural sebum thus causing the body oil production to be more balanced, and more digestible.

Next there is grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil is known as the anti-aging oil, it is also packed with lots of vitamins such as vitamin E which is excellent for maintaining good skin care.

Lastly, let’s talk about coconut oil. Coconut oil is great for those who battle with acne issues it has high anti-bacterial properties that help with eliminating excess bacteria from the skin. Coconut oil is also great to just use as a moisturizer.

These good oils can be used on a daily basis to cleanse the skin as well as moisturize the skin, you can make a mixture using any or all of these oils as a cleanser. Coconut oil and olive oil are great as skin moisturizers.

So,hopefully you will try these today and trust me you will not be disappointed.

That’s the Skinny on Skin 101, By Tassie Small your holistic aesthetician.


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