70% Is Up To You


When I talk to clients at an initial visit with me I always ask “what are you currently using at home?” I ask this for a couple of reasons, one to see if they are actually doing anything at all at home to their skin and two to find out what products they are currently using and if they are adding to the health of the skin.

I realize that I have to explain to my clients that no matter how many facials you get from any kind of spa or skin care center, the true results will come from what you do at home. Ya see, the key to healthy skin is not really based on skin treatments, skin treatments are to help maintain your skin, assist with good circulation, lymph drainage, and muscle relaxation. So once your facial treatment is over the next step is the most important…home care, because 70% of your results are based on what you do at home.

Now, lets talk about home care and what you should use at home to gain positive results. Now, I know a lot of people rely on the simple products that you can get from the drugstore, Walmart, target, and stores like that but to be real honest it would take ALOT of usage in order to gain real results, why, because the “active” ingredients are very minimal. Not to mention the fact that there are so many other chemical ingredients that may cause adverse reactions and health concerns to the body which is very compromising within itself.

Here are some actives to look for if you are looking for an acne product, many drugstore brands boast salicylic acid but if you read the label it is only at 2%! You would need to use a lot just to obtain results. Looking for anti-aging, ingredients such as retinol, glycolic acid, or DMAE, well, in most drug stores you will not find a large amount of these ingredients, and again it will take a lot of this product in order for it to be effective.

That is a reason why I created my product line Tacia Essentials because I wanted to create a product that was affordable yet extremely effective with organic and natural ingredients. Healthy skin does start at home but using the right products makes home care even easier. Beautiful skin starts with healthy skin and the main way to maintain healthy skin is to create an at-home regiment that is easy and effective. When the skin is healthy it is easier for it to get rid of blemishes, keep good circulation, and heal itself.

So, remember in order to have healthy skin, 70% of the skin’s health is up to you. It’s about homecare as well as skin treatments, 70% at home, 30% skin treatment.

That’s the Skinny on Skin 101 by Tassie Small your holistic aesthetician!


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