Feed Your Face

Dealing with skin disorders can be a challenge within itself but did you know that your diet can also be a cause to many skin conditions. Yes, improper diet or the “average” diet that may not be suitable for you may be the cause of some of your skin complaints.

I know what you may be thinking ” how does the food I eat have anything to do with my face?”  Well, let’s first understand that the target of healthy nutritional habits is to strengthen your immune system, fight inflammation, and correct the cause that leads to body dysfunction.

The overall state of your health can greatly benefit from nutrients and help correct the cause of your skin condition. Not addressing the underlying cause only leads to suppressing the symptoms and normally this is done with medications.  I personally believe it is always best to put an end to them once and for all, getting to the root of the issue is one of the approaches to holistic skin care.

It is important to note that through food we receive nutrients on the cellular level and these nutrients offer healing and nourishing qualities, this of course is ideal when you eat foods that are not overly processed or altered in anyway, is it me or does it seem like that is the ONLY kind of food you can really find on a daily basis….processed!  On the other end because of the poor quality of the soil today our natural foods are even being depleted of vital nutrients, on top of that you combine it with poor eating habits and now you have diseases and skin disorders.

So what does all this mean, well the term “pizza face” came from somewhere and not just from the mind of some cruel middle school kid either.  What you put in your body effects the appearance of your face and overall skin.


Obtaining nutrients from as much organic food as possible could bring great results. Now, please don’t get me wrong you don’t have to go broke for healthy skin because I am well aware of the fact that organic can be expensive but you can pay for it now meaning organic foods or pay for it later meaning health bills and prescriptions….think about it.

Use products that your body can digest topically.  It has been stated that at least 60% of what we put on the skin is absorbed into the body.  So feed the skin well, read the ingredients on skin care products, now,  this may go against what some believe but just because you can’t pronounce it does not neccesaraly mean it’s bad.  Some very naturally derived ingredients just have those big technical or scientific names so you may just have to do your research.  I can give you a headsstart though.  The simple names to look for and avoid products with these names are: mineral oil, petrolatum, sodium laureyl sufate, and various parabens (meaning paraben is in the name).  Truly that is a topic for another blog though.

Take supplements that take the place of the lack of various nutrients in food.

Stay hydrated.  In order to know the amount of water you should drink remember this equation: take your body weight divide by two and then divide by 8 the answer tells you how many 8oz. glasses u need to drink per day.

So hopefully this sheds some light on understanding how food and nutrients can affect your face and skin.

Thanks for reading! I’m here to help you restore yourself….holistically

Tassie Small
Licensed Holistic Esthetician


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